• About The Haven on Vine

    The Haven on Vine Bed & Breakfast and Retreat Center was built in 1842 as a station on the Underground railroad and now serves as the home of Paradigm Shift Ministries.

  • About The Haven on Vine

    The Haven on Vine was built in 1842 by Charles Baker (the son of Marion's founder, Eber Baker) and is the oldest standing home in the county. With a large basement and several second floor hiding spots, The Haven was also designed to serve as a station on the Underground Railroad.


    The Haven was renovated as a bed and breakfast in 2011 and has served as the home of Paradigm Shift Ministries since 2015.


    Weekly chapel services are held on Saturday evenings from 6:30-7:00pm.

    Bed & Breakfast and Retreat Center

    The Haven on Vine features three themed guest rooms (each with their own private bath). The rooms are designed to celebrate the region's rich history. Weekday and weekend rates range from $79-129.


    Nightly rates include a homemade breakfast, air conditioning, cable TV, wireless internet and access to both the Chapel and spacious front porch. Brochures and travel guides are available in the main hall. The Haven is within walking distance of the Harding Home and within a mile from the Harding Tomb.


    The main floor of the Haven on Vine is wheelchair accessible. This includes the Chapel, dining area, front porch and restroom. All guest rooms are located on the second floor (stair access only).

    About Paradigm Shift Ministries

    Paradigm Shift Ministries is all about reaching people who are not currently being reached through traditional models of ministry. Our roots stretch back to the Muscular Christianity Movement of the late 1800’s and continue today as we reach out through both community outreach and social media.


    You can learn more about Paradigm Shift Ministries by visiting http://PrayGrowServe.com.

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